The Writer Behind...

Vol Tryst

Character's World of Origin: Betazed

Writer's Country of Origin: Canada

Vol pushed again. Zanh sighed, clearly annoyed but fighting with herself to maintain some form of composure.

"It helps me to center myself. I can think more clearly and things aren't so jumbled."

"What kind of things get messed up?"

For a moment she was going to keep it to herself, but then realized that there was no need.

"I'll mess you up good if you don't get to the point." There was a slight grin on her face, but she was dead serious. Vol chuckled.

"Prefer that we skip to the serious stuff?"

"Please, easing me into it will just make me... unhappy." She plastered a painfully obvious fake smile on her face.

"Very well." Vol scratched his wet nose, as he rested his chin on his overlapping hands. "Summarize for me the last mission. I read your log, but I'd rather hear it from you again, if you don't mind."

Zanh perked a brow. "I do mind, actu-"

"A formality Captain, I don't care if you mind. You're telling me anyway."

"Ensign, I've been very cordial to you so far," she stated clearly, then she mumbled under her breath. "You have no idea how cordial," she straightened up in her lounge.

"But I'm sorry. I cannot tell you anything more than was in the report." Zanh stood her ground. "It's all classified by Special Operations, Temporal Investigations, the Judge Advocate General and half a dozen Admirals at least. I don't care if the Prophets themselves sent you to interview me, you don't have the clearance to hear the details and if you want, I'll be happy to remind your boss of that."

*Round goes to the Captain.* Vol thought to himself.

"Well, then, tell me how you feel about the mission. Your feelings aren't classified."

"If only it were that easy." Zanh said sadly. "Tag them 'classified', stick them in a file cabinet in a basement somewhere, and bury them forever."

He knew how she felt about the mission already, conflicting emotions were now emanating from her like a dark force of nature. He felt the discomfort in her spirit over the outcome as a wave of nausea. Suddenly, he felt as if instead of floating in a calm and inviting swimming pool, he was being tossed about atop angry, stirring seas.

A pause, and the Captain huffed and puffed before she submitted to answering his questions.

*What was it again? Zanh, 1. Tryst, 2?*

"It was. . .dirty." Zanh said at last. "It left me wanting to take a long, hot shower. But the problem is no matter how long I stayed in, the film on my skin would not wash off." She shook her head. "Lives were lost. More were risked, and three members of my senior staff almost died. But the worst part was that with the way it ended."

Vol waited patiently for her to continue.

"It didn't end." She sighed. "So now I am left with the sinking feeling that it will all come back again on us, one day." She set down her drink, untouched. "Sooner rather than later."

Vol studied the Captain as she spoke, and when she was done he had another question for her already.

"What was the most difficult part for your crew during this mission?"

"If you want an individual list I hope you've got a lot of time, Counselor." She said, shrugging. "But if you will settle for the overall sentiment, I believe that the loss of their innocent trust that Starfleet is always the good guy was the hardest thing for them to accept." She looked away, eyes fixed blankly somewhere on the water beyond him. "The hardest thing to give up."

"What about you? What was the most difficult part for you?"

"The look in their eyes when they turned to me from their stations," Zanh whispered, "And realized that the cavalry wasn't just coming- it was shooting at us

USS Serendipity Crew Interview
2010 Edition
Counselor Vol Tryst
1. Okay, so this might be a personally motivated question but I'm curious nonetheless. Say, for some reason, you found yourself sightless for a week (I couldn’t stand the thought of inflicting it on any of you for longer than that, believe me.) You can't read, write, drive, do any of the things that you would normally do for that week. What would you do to pass the time?
VT: To pass the time?

Hmmm, this is tough.

I'd listen to a lot of music I suppose.

... Force someone to read me stories. Lol, I can't really come up with something better.

2. The Enterprise-D crew bonded by playing poker. Is there a "tradition" for bonding you would like to see our crew adopt? (We have discussed Euchre in the past but it has yet to be written.)

VT: Hmmm... Pool? Theater-going (in the Holodeck of course)? Visit different cafe's across the galaxy and compare their brews?

Or maybe ballroom dancing. Yeah, every so often all the senior staff get together, dress up, and go to a differently themed dancing hall every visit and dress accordingly. One visit it's salsa, the next it's techno, the following it's tango!

Sounds like great fun! :D

ZL: See, this is why we need you around here Vol. Zanh Liis doing the Tango. TC Blane I can imagine... *smirk* Salvek? Yup. Liisy salsa dancing? Nope. Irish jig? Perhaps *roflmao*.

3. Uh oh! The cops are at the door and looking for your character. If your character ever got arrested, what would they most likely have done?

VT: Probably a conspiracy charge or something of that nature. I can see him concealing a secret entrusted to him by a patient despite the fact that divulging said secret might've been an order from a superior.

4. I've often heard the question "what piece of Star Trek technology would you most want?" I'd like to know what alien ability you would most like to have, and why... and NO Saying Q-omnipotence.... that's too easy. (Examples: Betazoid telepathy, Founder shape-shifting, Vulcan mild meld, Vulcan nerve pinch, Borg hive mind, be a "living ship" like Gomtuu, exist as a hologram like The Doctor, exist with the wisdom of others inside of you as a joined Trill.)
VT: This one's easy: Ocampan telekinesis.

5. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last year?

VT: I don't know about "most important." I'm rather under the impression that such things are only realized much later in life. Victor Klemperer wrote:

"I know nothing about the past, because I wasn't there; and I know nothing about the present, because I was there."

I'm pretty sure he meant that some things just cannot be recognized even though they are right in front of our noses and other things are forgotten once they've fallen past a certain line of memory or vision. In the meantime, there is a certain space where one is neither too close nor too far. A year, I must say, doesn't quite fall into that space.

Something I've learned that I believe to be important? Knowing that Graduate school is really where I belong.

ZL: I love your answers to this, and want you to know we're so proud of you we could just about burst. So glad you're where you want to be, Vol! *squish*!

6. What is the passage of prose or dialog you've written in the past year here on the Sera that you're proudest of? Why is it your favorite?

"Reece." Vol demanded.

[Good to see you too, Tryst...] Liis muttered under her breath, as Reece's head snapped upward and he greeted Vol.


"So you're sitting in a bar and in walks Godzilla."

Reece blinked once, then a second time. [Are you sure it wasn't Mothra? What about Gamera? I hear he's really neat, and that he's filled with turtle meat...]

Vol continued on, undaunted. "You're sitting in a bar, and in walks Godzilla. He's pissed off and looking for trouble. Soon, a fight breaks out."

[What am I drinking?]

Vol just ran with it. "It doesn't matter, it's tossed from your hand."

Dabin's eyes widened.

[What was I drinking?]

"A Shirley Temple."

[I love those! With extra cherries? I always ask for-]

[REECE!] Zanh bellowed sharply, and Vol watched everyone on both bridges flinch at the sound of her voice. Everyone, that was, with the exception of Salvek, TC Blane and Keiran O'Sullivan, all who were clearly immune to the effect by this point. [Focus!]

"Yes it had extra cherries. Now it's on the floor." Vol continued patiently, as if speaking to a very small child.

[No way! Godzilla spilled it? I'll kill that overgrown, scaly son of a...]

Zanh was still completely lost, and additionally her headache was returning. [Gentlemen, any time you feel you're ready to enlighten--]

The Captain was promptly ignored by Vol but Reece seemed to come back to the moment. [Yeah, Vol, wind it up, will ya? We don't have all day!]

Vol simply carried on. "Exactly! You want to hurt the big guy, but how?"

Dabin didn't ponder too long. [I guess kicking and punching would do no good.]

Vol shook his head.

[Yeah...okay...I didn't think so. Well, it's a lizard, so I'd beam that sucker to the Antarctic and point and laugh as it--]

"Dabin!" Vol interrupted. "The Domox."

[What about them?] Dabin asked curiously, his face shining brightly with innocent ignorance as to what they had to do with Godzilla and his lost Shirley Temple with extra cherries.

It was at this point that Zanh dropped her head into her hands and just sighed.

"Godzilla," Vol concluded, "...meets a shrink ray."

It took a moment, and only a moment, for Dabin to take a sharp intake of air and for Vol's lips to crack a very wide smile."

I can't recall how much modifying Reece did to this, for I imagine he must've done some, but this might honestly be my favorite. Does it really need an explanation? Everytime I read it I crack a smile because I can honestly see this scene playing in my mind without missing a beat.

ZL: Actually, I have to stick my wrinkled nose in here and admit that I am actually guilty of said 'modifying' but it was really a tiny amount though- this scene (and your writing in the whole post) was totally inspired and the fun was all you m'dear-- it was absolutely brilliant (and it's making my personal Best Of list this year too btw which will be in an inbox near you soon...) Definitely one of my all time favorites.
7. What is your earliest memory related to Star Trek?

VT: Star Trek: TNG was my family's show growing up. I have a bunch of memories of different episodes all bundled up into one recollection, and it's tough for me to pin point the earliest.

I do remember the "Skin of Evil" episode and being worried sick for Tasha, Riker & Deanna. I remember when the entity allowed the crew a look at Riker's black-goopey face as proof that he's still alive. I remember how the entity nonchalantly murdered Tasha and Beverly stubbornly trying to revive her.

I remember one of Marina's lines . . . and it gave a lot of insight into how I viewed villains from then on I think (subconsciously). The creature asks her if Tasha's death angers, upsets or saddens her and Deanna replies something to the extent of:

"You only ask to torment me."

Powerful stuff I feel.

8. How did you first get involved in Star Trek online role-playing?

VT: I do remember joining a very different RPG years ago, but that never lasted long. Not to mention that the RPG seniors would just pick up my character and say "You just threw a grenade into the oncoming force and, because of your acts, you have been promoted." To which I replied "I quit."

9. When you are not writing for this game (or bothering the captain with something inane), what is it that you actually do for a living?

VT: A living? What's that? I'm a Full-Time student.

10. What is your dream vacation? (Both a real one and one set in the Star Trek world)

VT: Well, I'd love to visit Betazed in the ST universe. In real life? New Zealand, Australia, Egypt, Ireland, Amsterdam, the list goes on.

11. For those of you who write more than one character in this game: how do you get in the mindset of each character and how do you differentiate each one?

(and an addition to this question from the captain so those with one character can still answer: if you only write one, why? *laugh*. But, seriously- if you write only one is there any ‘ritual’ you go through to get into the mindset to write them? Music you listen to, beverage you drink, snack you consume? Writers are an odd lot (and I say that in the most loving way possible) so out with it- what do you do to think like your character?

VT: I only write the one so far, at least on a long-term basis. Umm . . . no rituals really. I have an odd mind-clock though, I have to be in the right mood, it's not something I can schedule or point to. It's just a specific set window in time that, if I happen to be at my computer and readily have a post in front of me, it will just flow non-stop. If I write when I'm not in this frame of mind I tend to dislike my work.

12. Who would win in the following grudge match: Star Trek Federation fleet versus Star Wars Imperial fleet?


"This is a Death Star!"

"A what?"

"A star! The Death Star! We're in it now!"

"This is a star?"


"The Death Star?"


"What does it do?"

"It does death!"

Sorry, my favorite comedian decided to make an appearance.

I honestly don't know though. Umm... is the Star Trek fleet manned by our crew?

13. By this time everyone here has a fair few written words under their belt. What and when was the first thing you remember writing as a writer (as in a short story, a post or even a poem)?

VT: I can't remember.

14. For those of you who can remember that far back, what was the first post you wrote for an RPG? For those of you who can’t, what was your earliest that you can remember?
VT: It was for an original purely PBEM rpg. I can't remember it's basis, but I do remember that I was so new to the concept that I asked some already-joined friends of mine what I should do. Based on their advice, my original character was innocently walking in a forest before tripping and finding himself in a clearing where two high school girls were eating cold pizza.

15. It’s easy enough when you first start writing for a character to have a set idea in your mind of what you’re going to do with them but it’s often not nearly as easy to make them actually go along with it. Have you ever had a character you’d written for taking a direction you hadn’t intended? If so, what happened?

VT: His name was Dryden and he was a three and a half old vampire on a board-based RPG. He was a member of the oldest and wisest coven of vampires in the RPG universe. He was also blind.

I had planned for this character to follow along the rules of the coven, but despite the unending list of situations I put him through he stayed true to the law and order of his coven. He never broke a law and never "played" unfairly.

16. I imagine theme parks in the future will be a lot more high-tech and that the rides will be so far advanced that they surpass any imagination possessed by one from the 21st Century. Be that as it may, if your character(s) were set loose upon one of today's theme parks, which ride do you think they would do first? Teacups? Water slide? Haunted House? Rollercoaster of DEATH? Any reason you can elaborate upon?

VT: The water slide, without a doubt. He's just cooky like that.

17. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Data had Spot. Worf was briefly seen with a warthog of sorts, and Tasha also had a pet cat. Besides our famous dog owned by the O'Sullivans, there are no other pets that I'm aware of. Do you think your character would murder any living thing, or have you considered giving them a pet? If the latter, what and why?

VT: I have actually considered giving Vol a fish. Anything beyond that would be quickly passed on to someone who could deal with the responsibility of a living creature. Vol likes animals, don't misunderstand, but it's the constant attention they need that would start to bug him. As most Betazoids, I also believe Vol would be fearful of getting too wrapped up in the emotions of primitive and instinctual animals.

ZL: Might I suggest a blue fish called Dory? Or a little pink jellyfish, Squishy? *ROFLMAO*
18. From my own personal experience, characters are predominantly facets of ourselves, at least in the beginning. The longer our characters live, the more distant they become and the more they begin to form their own traits. In many ways, I guess, they're like real life children in this sense. Has there ever been a character you played that started off wonderful, but turned into a strained relationship? Such as something abhorrent developing in the character that you strongly disagreed with? If not, is there a character in your past or present that you respectfully disagree with on some matter?

VT: In the past I have played villains whom I could understand, but disagreed with vehemently. Back when I ran my own Harry Potter RPG, my character was the Deputy Headmaster and the Head of Slytherin house, Orynn Novim. His ambition was unique I feel, he fell in love with Hogwarts, as a home, so much that he felt he deserved to make it his permanent residence. He was bent on expelling all the students, professors and staff and own the building and land all to himself simply because he never wanted to leave.

Like I said, I understand, but I don't agree.

19. You’re the star: Is there a plot arc that you’d like to specifically see any/all of your/our characters involved in this year?
... a kidnapping? I honestly haven't given it much thought.

20. Recently, Lair Kellyn was forced to rely on the seemingly least likely member of the crew to save her life, Jamie Halliday. (By the way, thanks, Jamie for that *laugh *) If your character had to rely on one other member of the crew to save their life, who would be your first and last choice and why? (To make it interesting, I'm immediately disqualifying the captain as an answer to this question- it's my question so I can do that- and also no fair just defaulting to Ashton cause nobody wants to be saved by Ashton *laugh* ~ZL).

VT: February Grace, without a doubt. Sometimes it isn't about one's capability to do saving, not to say that Mrs. Grace couldn't successfully instigate any rescue mission or what have you, but more about the quality of the person who might be the last person you see in this lifetime.

ZL: Oh, stop. Damn it, Vol, I thought I was going to get through the crew interviews without crying this year! TC almost had me then you finished it off *laugh* *sniff*. Aww. Dudes. I love you guys.

And a bonus question just cause I feel like it, I’m the Captain, and I can do that too…

21: Through the miracle of time travel (My TARDIS is double parked) transporter or Infinite Improbability Drive (your choice) our entire crew of writers shows up unannounced on your doorstep (yep, all seven of us in one place... imagine that…) We’re starving and ready for a good time. Where in your local geographical area would you take us to eat dinner, why would you choose that particular location and what would you recommend from the menu?
VT: This question is brilliant.

Ok, for argument's sake let's say you all show up around 6 PM first things first, FOOD!

I'll drag you all east of my apartment to this smoked-meat place called Dunn's. Apparently the general consensus for the best smoked meat in this city is at another restaurant, but it's highly overrated and Dunn's is definitely better. Anyways, I'm not so much going to order FOR you as make suggestions.

1) Anything with smoked meat is great.

2) The Potato & Leek soup is to die for. Mmm... bacon bits and cheese..

ZL: Mmmm. Potato Leek soup, an all time favorite of mine...laglaghaglahgalghaglhaglahga. (Homer noise inserted here)
3) Speaking of cheese, if you are up for it you have to try the Poutine. For those of you who have deprived lives, a poutine is a dish that derived in Montreal that involves fries, sauce and melted cheese. It is very unhealthy but it is the best thing since oxygen. In fact, I might just order one for the table to pick at because it might be a little too much exposure for your first time.

Afterwards is DESSERT! Off east to St-Denis street where there is a chocalaterie called "Juliet et Chocolat." If you over-stuff yourselves, I guarantee a blissful death. They have every kind of chocolate you never could imagine in brownie form, hot chocolate form, chilled chocolate, syrup, FONDUE! Oh man I'm starting to resent this question. *giggle*.

After two delicious meals, we sit and chat and digest for awhile before we finally go further east into the VILLAGE! We find a club, or a cabaret show, and dance our geeky boots off.


You're all more than welcome any time ;)


The Captain Interviews...Episode Four: Vol Tryst

ZL: Tell us a little about the man behind the Sera's beloved Ship's Counselor, Vol Tryst.

VT: I am 21 years of age, and will be attaining a Bachelor of Arts later this year (2009). Now hold off on giving me the impressed look, because in Canada things work a little differently in terms of education. The question didn't ask for me to elaborate, so I won't.

ZL: Captain makes a note to self to ask for such elaboration next time... *laugh*

VT: I was born in Quebec, Montreal, but was raised further north in what I like to call "In-the-middle-of-nowhere in the town that's in-the-middle-of-nowhere." Suffice it to say there's lots of skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, bear-sighting, deer-hitting, horseback riding, etc etc. This may be your cup of tea, but after 17 years I'd had enough and I moved to the city (Montreal) as early as possible. I absolutely adore the city life, but I never forget my roots. Some people say that I had a country-bumpkin upbringing, but I was always a city-slick at heart. I'm inclined to agree.

ZL: How did you first become interested in Star Trek?

VT: The Next Generation was my family's show. I can't even remember what night it was on, or how old I was. All I know is that every so often, me and my two siblings would jump into my parents bed and we'd all watch the crew go where no crew had gone before. So, in effect, I grew up with Star Trek.

ZL: Star Trek: Alchemy is not the first RPG you've written with. How did you get your start in writing and who was your first RPG character?

VT: Omg. Umm... wow... this may bring me back to a dark and embarrassing place.
I was first introduced to the concept of role-playing through some friends who were already in the game. Said friends were, and still are, fairly more interested in Anime-style genres. So, my first character was a man named Van from the Escaflowne series.

I never played him that well as I'd never seen the movies or the series. The friend who recruited me demanded that she spend the weekend at my place while she packed the entire Escaflowne series in her bags for me to watch and learn.

ZL: What is your favorite Trek TV Series? Character?

VT: This question is almost incredibly unfair. It's like asking which piece of the puzzle you dislike most. It doesn't matter if I dislike it, it's still needed for the puzzle. So I'm going to twist around this question and outline what series/characters I didn't like.

Kirk's Enterprise was after my cognitive time, so I can't hope to be able to appreciate the series as my parents generation. So let's just get that out of the way.

Deep Space Nine was great in principle. It was a huge statement having the captain be a black man, and the XO be a woman. But this happened all while I was a kid and to me, a person was a person was a person. So, none of these social proclamations meant anything to me. I disliked the series because they never bloody went anywhere! Though I did like Dax, Odo and Kira.

Voyager was a lot better than it was given credit for. By it's release, I was aware now of the social stigmas suffered by women and other people. So the fact that a woman was a Captain, and a GOOD Captain at that made me an instant fan. Her crew liked in some areas. Tom, B'Elanna and the Doctor were some of my favs. As were Nelix, Kes ad Seven. If Kim and Chakotay had been shot and illed early in the series I would not have missed them. Tuvok I liked only because of the dynamic of his relationship to the Captain. Otherwise I woulda chucked him too.

TNG, again I am biased because it's my childhood fave. It's like bashing on your first ever watched Disney movie:

Me: "What do you mean you haven't shown your kids Beauty & the Beast yet Aunt Lisa?"

Aunt: "The Beast is very scary, and my children are only 3 and 5."

Me: "They'll grow out of it, they have specialized kid's psychiatrist nowadays don't they?"

Suffice it to say I LOVE this series. (TNG) Deanna was my favourite by far, though she was whiney sometimes. Geordi, Data, Beverly, damn I loved them all. Picard was beyond amazing though. I'd be under that man's command anyday.

Oh, and.... there was another series after Voyager. But we're gonna pretend that never happened.

ZL: Series after Voyager? *blinks repeatedly* No such thing.

Next question... favorite Trek series Captain and why?

VT: ...whoops. May have already answered that one.

Picard beats Janeway by a hair. Then again, does our RPG count as a series yet? tee hee


ZL: Awww. That's very sweet. By the way, the XO is now sitting here making smoochy noises toward the computer... LOL

As Ship's Counselor and an empath, Vol gets to interact with the rest of the crew in a very personal way that no one else does. Whose brain do you wish you could most get a good look into and why?

VT: Vol and I differ on this I think. Vol would like nothing more than to sit in the minds of those currently closed off to him, not to be invasive but because he's honestly curious. Someone like Rada, or even MIM is someone he'd be thrilled to be open with.

Me? I have a fascination with the way children think. So Arie is a character whom I'd love to spend an afternoon with, but not be empathic with.

The biggest difference between Vol and I is that the idea of fishing into someone else's mind seems to me a gross violation. Now, I'm not sure if I'd turn down the ability if it was offered to me. But there are other super powers I find just as, if not more appealing than empathy.

ZL:Tell us a little something about Vol that we don't know yet.

VT: He doesn't tell me things half the time.

He's uncertain of what he wants. One of the biggest reasons he almost went through with a false marriage was because he didn't know what else he would want to do. Sure, he now knows it involves Starfleet and the Serendipity crew, but beyond that...? Chief Medical Officer? Captain of a Medical Ship? Supreme Counselor of the Alpha Quadrant? In terms of long-term goals... Vol is sorta at a loss. He busies himself with present worries, and begs that they don't run out. Because when they do, it will officially be the future, and he won't know what to do next.

ZL: What do you think is the best part about writing for Star Trek: Alchemy?

VT: Satisfying an itch to write creatively with other genius writers.
ZL: I am so proud of the plot arc we did surrounding Vol's almost wedding. It had everything- humor, romance, and drama. What was the most fun about writing that arc for you?

VT: Writing romantic scenes with two men that met your (ZL's) approval. I'd never written anything like that, and didn't know that I could do it. Sure I'm gay, but that's a far cry from being able to write a gay-love scene.

Through your sole critique and commentary, I believe I did a good enough job. Now that I know I can do it, I won't have any qualms about doing it in the future. Thanks Cap'n.

ZL: An honor to hear that I was some small help, my dear. But you did all the work, and you should be very proud of it.

Music is a major source of inspiration to me when I'm writing. Does music inspire you, do you listen to music while you write?

VT: Writing comes to me in spurts. Especially in school an the moment, when I'm thinking about 5 papers at any one time, when I'm ready to write one of them I'm just ready. I sit down and it all just pours out. Same goes for Alchemy.

Music can be an inspiration, but I find life in general to be the greatest inspiration of all. Fact is indeed stranger than fiction. My greatest discovery in terms of the creative process has been, that if I happened to have an uninspiring day, it must mean that someone else (hopefully a friend of mine) saw a piano fall from the sky that same day. In other words, if I'm feeling particular blazé some day, I'll talk to friends and find all the inspiration I need.

ZL: What has surprised/amazed you most about your fellow crew mates as you've worked with them over the past near-year?

VT: For a group of mostly men, they can all get quite sensitive and emotionally tear-jerking in their posts. Hey, it may be wrong, but I've formed my own inaccurate stereotypes about heterosexual men and their inability to express feeling. But apparently writing is a medium that allows for this same form of expression. I'm blown away each time it happens and it puts a great smile on my face that these same gentleman would consider me a colleague of sorts.

ZL: Honestly, you all amaze me, continually.

Disaster scenario: Vol gets stuck baby-sitting Lair Arie for an evening. What would he offer her as a for good behavior?

VT: Just as any patient, find out what she wants and offer to give it her if she behaves. What was that? You want to take the Alchemy out for a spin? Ummm sure... just... take this hypospray first and stab it into my jugular if you will.


I was completely helpless to stop her Captain. Honest!

ZL: Vol Tryst vs. Deanna Troi in an no-holds-barred empath-to-empath Betazoid-hybrid-therapy-off: Who could make Zanh Liis cry first and how/why?

VT: I laughed after reading this. Therapy-off, lmao.

The advantage that Vol has is me, why? Because I know you, ZL, and I know a little bit about your life and tribulations.

Wow.. this question's a toughy.

I honestly think it might be a dead heat, why? I don't think Zanh would come to tears in a therapy session. She'd storm off (or, y'know, carve a hole in the wall with her phaser) before ever succumbing to tears. So, I don't think either Vol or Deanna would win. Tie by default.

ZL: I'll accept that tie by default only because you are entirely correct *laugh* She would blow a hole in the wall first. You know her so well.

What are your passions in life outside of Star Trek and writing?

VT: I want to achieve a Master's Degree in something that drives me. Either in English Literature or Communications. I hope to work professional in Public Relations and I also like the idea of teaching at a university or Cegep (Quebec thing, don't ask).

I also plan to become fluent in American Sign Language and work as a Freelance interpreter. I'd also fancy perfecting my German, and my LSQ (Quebec-French version of Sign Language).

ZL: What do you like to watch on TV when time allows?

VT: Law & Order's always a fair choice. Ghost Whisperer! I used to LOVE the West Wing and still wish they'd make a Canadian equivalent. Ellen Degeneres is alright. The View is great, go Whoopi! The Rick Mercer Report. Jimmy Kimmel Live. Corner Gas. Yea... that's all I got so far.
ZL: What is your favorite book/author of all time?

VT: Harry Potter Series. Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer. Peter Pan, JM Barrie. Chronicles of Narnia, CS Lewis. Pride & Prejudice, Austen. Selected Poems by Robert Service.

...oh wait... just one?

ZL: Favorite movie of all time?

VT: Peter Pan, as directed by PJ Hogan.

ZL: I happen to know that you share my passion for Disney- and that you especially like Pixar films. Do you have a favorite Disney movie and why?

VT: Beauty and the Beast. One of the first movies I ever watched, and never even finished the first time. I got so scared I cried and turned it off and refused to watch it. Later, I watched it and saw that the Beast was indeed not a Beast, just like the movie was not scary. There was more to this movie, more to the Beast, than met the naked eye. Symbolic and cheesy I know, I'm sorry.
ZL: Not cheesy! Sweet. Favorite bands/musicians?

VT: I honestly like most everything, my iPod is filled with many different types that it's hard to pin my taste down.

Avril Lavigne
Fall Out Boy
The Soundtrack from Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe
....I could go on.

ZL: This is turning out to be a question I'm asking everyone on the crew due to the brilliant Joint Post you wrote last year with Rada Dengar in which Rada and Vol are trapped in a lift.

If you could choose any person, living or dead, to be trapped in a turbolift with for an hour- who would you pick and what would you talk to them about while you had them as a captive audience?


Oh my god I would talk that man's EAR off. What did you mean to convey in terms of gender in terms of Twelfth Night? Is Orsino gay? Is Olivia a lesbian? Or were you trying to say that labels suck?

In Merchant of Venice, is Shylock a horrible monster consumed by his own quest for vengeance? Or is he a sympathetic character who's a victim of circumstance? And what the hell was up with the plot with the rings? Did you forget that the play was meant to be a comedy, and patched things up at the last minute?

How much opium did you smoke in order to came up with A Midsummer Night's Dream.

ZL: (pauses to wipe tears of laughter from her eyes) Priceless, Vol. You're priceless.

Lastly, and I ask because this happens for me all the time- has there been a moment since you joined Alchemy that you wrote a post and thought, I'm so proud to be a part of this. Or a post that you read and thought the same thing? If so, when/what post(s) and what specifically got that reaction?

VT: The first ones with Vol & Zanh/Salvek have instilled in me this feeling more than any other. Do I need to explain why, I thought it more or less self-evident.

That was fun!

ZL: As are you, Mr. Tryst. As are you.


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