For the writers...

I want to thank each and every writer who has contributed to the more than 1000 posts in the history of the Federation starship Serendipity and her sister ship, the prototype USS Alchemy. Not every writer we have- or have had- is represented here, but those who have made a definite and lasting impact on our crew as true writing partners and upon our particular take on the Star Trek myth, are.

Here, we offer a place to get to know the minds behind the characters a bit better- a peek inside the workings of the intricate balance of personalities, real and fictional, that work together in concert to make the Sera one of a kind.

This is a crew unlike any other I've seen in more than a dozen years of doing this...I guarantee you won't find a Captain prouder, or more amazed, by their crew in all of Star Trek PBEM RPG.

I salute you, the fearless officers of the USS Serendipity, NCC-2012.

Best. Crew. Ever.


-=/\=-Zanh Liis O'Sullivan
Commanding Officer
USS Serendipity NCC-2012